We are fascinated by the physical world around us. The transformational act of process and the potential of a material when we allow ourselves to play and create with our hands.

Muck About


Muckabout was an interactive theatre experience for early-year audiences that explored the importance of free 'Play' and connection to the earth. Children were invited to play barefoot on a ton of soil while adults took a seat and quietly reflected on what 'Play' is now, what it was for them as children and what they hope it will be in the future. Created as part of The Earth Project, a two-year project exploring soil. Supported by The Arts Council, The Civic Theatre Tallaght, and Tallaght Community Arts.

Story Weavers


An intuitive participatory storytelling performance inspired by the gifts of nature. Participants young and old, were given a collecting basket and invited to forage for inspiration. Before heading back to the storytelling tent to work with the Story Weavers, to create a new and spontaneous story with live improvised music inspired by place. Created initially at The Earth Song Festival and developed during a residency at Kilruddery House and Gardens. Story Weavers toured to a variety of unusual venues.

The Paper Princess


Inspired by the book, The Paper Princess by Elisa Kleven. This was a playful interactive theatre experience that explored the themes of bravery, hope, and home using the technique of Toy Theatre. We invited participants to a birthday party and asked them to help us make many paper princes and princesses.  Then it was time to settle down for a story and disappear into the magical miniature world inside the Toy Theatre. The Paper Princess Toured Nationally and appeared at The Stamsund International Theatre Festival and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Gift


Inspired by the idea that children always prefer to play with the box rather than the present. We created a story about two children who receive an empty box for Christmas. Soon enough, they find themselves on a magical adventure into their imaginations. Beginning with the material of cardboard and paper, we explored themes of materialism, play, and creativity. Commissioned by The Mermaid Arts Centre. Restaging and tour supported by The Nomad Theatre network.

Lost Property


A bittersweet physical comedy exploring the dreams of two women stuck in the most mundane of jobs, processing other people's lost property. The piece explored themes of friendship, limitation, and hope. Toured Northern Ireland and appeared at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it was described as 'Poignant, brilliant, and at times oddly uplifting theatre' by The Stage.