Our work always begins with a tiny seed of an idea and a spirit of wonder and adventure. We question, we explore, we nurture and kindle, always excited to see what grows. Staying alive to possibilities and open to discoveries.



Grow was a participatory theatre project and performance that explored the question, "where is a good place to grow?" Investigating our relationship with place and planet.  The project took place in Tallaght in Dublin, produced in partnership with Civic Theatre Tallaght and Tallaght Community Arts and supported by The Arts Council and South Dublin County Council.



This production was an epic adventure through strange lands and stormy seas. Voyage followed a young boy's journey into an imaginary world as he finds his courage and rebuilds his reconnection with his father. 'Voyage' was supported by The Arts Council and supported by The Strollers touring theatre network.

The Magic Bookshop


Using detailed paper models and playful storytelling, Magic Bookshop explored the archetypal threads that weave through the Grimm's Fairytales. The show takes place during the tea break in the bookshop. Once the stories are told, the audience is invited to browse the shop and take home a book. Commissioned by Roscommon Arts Centre.

Little Light


A band of traveling tellers from the far North told the tale of a young girl's adventure to bring back the sun. Described as 'a window of beauty in the madness of the consumer season', the show had its first life on the streets of Dublin before taking to venues with a national tour. Inspired by Lucia and the Light by Philis Root. Funded by the Arts Council and supported by the Nomad touring network.



Inspired by Anna Newell's question to us, "where do things go when you forget them?" Losha explored themes of memory and time. Audience members gathered close to an angular pod to hear Losha, the star-maker, tell them stories of the things she liked to collect; small things, important things, things that have been forgotten. Created under the mentorship of Charlot Lemoine of Vélo Théatre, France. Supported by The Arts Council, Roscommon Art Centre, and Roscommon Arts Office.I

Grimm Jam


A rambunctious physical theatre performance without words. A young man on a train meets a mysterious girl and her mother and soon finds himself lost in a dreamlike world of mixed-up fairytales. Grimm Jam toured nationally, visited the Glastonbury music festival and The Stamsund International Theatre festival Norway. Supported by The Arts Council.

The Grandmother


The Grandmother was a heartwarming physical storytelling performance using minimal props. The show tells the story of a lonely and bitter old woman who opens her door one day to discover that she has a grandson, George has come to stay. Whether she likes it or not. Inspired by recordings of Grandmothers talking about their experiences of grand-motherhood. The piece explored themes of loneliness, connection, friendship, and play. The Grandmother toured Nationally and visited The Stamsund International Theatre Festival, Norway.

Chilly in the Dark Times


Exploring the world of dreams and things that hide under the bed. Chilly in the dark times was a physical theatre production using puppets and object manipulation to bring dreams to life. Commissioned by Young at Art. Toured Northern Ireland.