We see our creative process as a form of research—a way to explore, investigate and deepen our relationship with the world around us.

More Than Human

We are currently working on a new project called More-Than-Human.  An exploration of our role as artists in nurturing relationships between human beings and more-than-human beings.

We have been working under the mentorship of renowned Deep Ecologist, Dr StephanHarding and artist and cultural research Dr Sybille Peters. Who have each guided us as we have explored the boundaries of our art form and of our own understanding of the shifting paradigms that shape the world in which we live. 

At the centre of this work has been a collaboration with a woodland which has given us the space to explore and reflect on what it is to be a human being with in a whole-Earth-community. We have been exploring the idea kinship with other beings. Playing with ideas around the body as a landscape and the lines between ourselves and the Earth, between organism and environment.

The project has led us into a myriad of fields and introduced us to another strata of thinkers ,scientists, creatives and activists. We have been looking atEcology, Deep Ecology, philosophy, spirituality, architecture, planning and natural law and  playing with ideas around communication, perception, equality and empathy.

We have been questioning and exploring the topic with children and young people.  Working as The Ministry For All Beings (code name TMFAB).  A secret agency working in radical and creative ways to protect and promote the rights of all beings on Earth.

We have been inviting children to become Agents of Change. They have been discovering  the human rights that support our needs as human beings and noticing the needs of other beings. Collecting rules that guide their lives,  and questioning the lack of rules and laws that protect and respect the fellow members of our Earth community.

The Children have been assessing their schools ( which normally assess them) to find out how the school treats the other beings that live and work in and around their buildings.  They have be designing learning spaces of the future, Making collective calls for positive change and disrupting art galleries with their own art that calls for  a harmonious future for all.

TheWork of  TM FAB is culminating  with ‘Create The Future’ a giant celebration of our connections to the whole Earth Community and a call for a harmonious future for all beings.  Hundreds of children and adults are creating small transparent pictures which become fractals in a growing collaborative artwork. The work will be shared at  The Baboró international children’s arts festival and at Earth Rising, IMMA’s Eco ArtsFestival.

Much of  our TM FAB  resources will soon be made available digitally so that families and groups can set up their own branch of The Ministry for AllBeings and become Agents of Change creating playful, imaginative and radical works of art of their own. Amplifying the power of our collective creativity to change the world for the better.  

Looking back at 2021

We invited five artists, Kate Powell, Maura Brennan, Shane O'Reilly, Nico Brown and Mollie-Anna King, to join us in The Hive, our collaborative, creative, think tank. Together we asked the question "What story is the Earth telling you?" Each person responded in their own art form bringing back ideas and concepts to a work in progress performance in December.

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Tuning into the ancient festivals of the Celtic cycle and the needs we perceived in the world around us, we created The Front Door Festival. At a time when we were not able to gather in person, we put out an invitation for people to come together in time and intention. We encouraged people to open their doors at 10 am on the 1st of May to mark Bealtaine. Laying flowers on their thresholds to welcome in summer and send out wishes of love and friendship into the world at a time when we were unable to invite people into our homes.

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Myth Maker is an immersive live arts experience for adults and children. Made in direct response to the global pandemic 2020. The piece explores themes of connection, touch, ancestral wisdom and deep ecology.

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Jim has been spending some time over the last few months making a Tree Ogham. A Celtic system used by the ancient druids to encode their wisdom. Each tree has its Celtic name and a letter which makes up the alphabet. It has been a powerful reminder of just how important trees are. They are so much more than a resource, than oxygen makers, they are beings who need to be protected.

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