We are Monkeyshine. We tell stories in many forms.
We create beautiful theatre,  provocations and installations, books and publications, podcasts, films and animations as well as small works of art to take home.

We are artists dedicated to cultivating creativity and connection by bringing people together to question, create, collaborate and celebrate.

We have created theatre, immersive worlds, and interactive experiences for adults and children for over twenty years.

Our core belief is that the spark of creativity burns in every one of us and that this gift must be nurtured, treasured, and shared.

Working at the intersection of culture, ecology, and spirituality, we draw from themes of home and childhood, nature, ritual, and myth. We use our art as a lens to explore, and a means to reawaken and rediscover human connections to one and other and the world around us.

We are on a mission to shift the paradigm towards a more conscious, kind, and playful world where our interdependent relationship with the earth is recognised, sacred and celebrated.

Kareen Pennefather

Joint Artistic Director

Kareen Pennefather was born in the highest market town in England and grew up with the remote north Pennines as her playground. Her Irish roots meant it was an easy step to university on the Antrim coast in Northern Ireland. In 1999, the day after handing in her theatre studies dissertation she started Monkeyshine with a group of friends. She has lived on the island of Ireland ever since working almost exclusively for Monkeyshine.‍ Kareen is an actor, dancer, puppeteer, writer, and director. She is passionate about the value of imagination and is always on the look out for opportunities to stimulate creativity. She is known nationally and internationally for her innovative and responsive work for young audiences.‍

Jim Jobson

Joint Artistic Director

Jim Jobson is an actor, designer and theatre maker, drawing on a rich and varied skill base. Jim was born in Dublin and grew up on a farm in Co. Wicklow. He has a great love and understanding of the natural world, which flows through his work. He studied Geology in Oxford Brookes University and has spent time living and working with gauchos on estancias in Argentina.‍After studying with Song of the Goat, Poland, Forkbeard Fantasy U.K. and Zippos training circus in the U.K. Jim joined Monkeyshine Theatre in 2005 and is joint artistic director. He has recently qualified as a forest school leader and is a founding member of Creative in Nature. ‍Jim is Monkeyshine’s lead designer as well as a regular performer and unofficial chef.‍