We are Kareen Pennefather and James Jobson, the artists and makers of Monkeyshine. We are dedicated to cultivating creativity and playfully shifting the paradigm by bringing people together to question, create, collaborate and celebrate.

We tell stories in many forms,  we create beautiful theatre,  provocations and installations, books and publications, podcasts, films and animations as well as small works of art to take home.

We draw from themes of home and childhood, ritual and myth. We use our art as a lens to explore and a means to reawaken and rediscover human connections to one and other and the world around us.

We have been creating theatre, immersive worlds, and interactive experiences for adults and children for over twenty years. We work with wide rage of people including nationally and internationally renowned artist, musicians, makers and designers, scientists, researchers, educators, thinkers and doers as well as children, families and communities.

Our core belief is that the spark of creativity burns in everyone of us and together we have the power to imagine and create a positive future for all members of our earth community.