RTE Junior Radio
New Year's Day
12.30pm and 7.30 pm

“My name is Awenydd, I am your guide. Hold my hand tight we are going to fly fast.” 

This beautiful audio theatre story will guide you to a faraway cave beyond the last crashing wave. A place where the Earth speaks. Join Awenydd, Fox, Crow, Spider and all the little Keepers as they tryto understand why the Earth won’t release a new story seed. There is a problemto be solved and they need your help. Are you ready to become The Listener?  

Created by Kareen Pennefather and James Jobson
Written by Kareen Pennefather
Music by Kate Powell
Recorded and Edited by John Brennan 

Performed by:
(in order of apperence) 

Kareen Pennefather
Nicholas Kavanagh
James Jobson
Kate Powell

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Head over to the RTE Junior Website to listen! New Year's Day at 12.30 pm and 7.30 pm. If you miss the broadcast, you can catch it on the RTE Junior podcast.

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Let your creativity flow while you listen with these fun ideas to try at home.

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Here's a taster! 

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