Our love of the natural world runs deep. Now more than ever, we are driven to share stories that build and rebuild connections between people, place, and the planet.  For this reason, we often push the boundaries of where our art can happen.

The Ministry For All Beings


During 2022 The Ministry For All Beings ( code name TM FAB) came to life. A secret agency, working to protect and promote the rights of all beings, human and more-than-human, by creating radical, playful and collaborative artistic happenings.‍Children and adults all over Ireland trained to become TM FAB Agents of Change. .‍In the Autumn of 2022 TM FAB worked with over 500 people on an artistic mission called 'Create The Future'. Together we built a giant dome in a creative celebration of our connected place in the web of life that is planet Earth.

Sensing Soil


Sensing Soil was a collaboration between artists, researchers, and place. Exploring the greek myth of Persephone as an allegory for the turning of the seasons, we explored the ancient roots of the story. We created a participatory performance that invited the audience to step into the world of the story. Participants wandered through the meadow, spoke to birds in trees, and took part in a ritual around the well. Created in collaboration with Touchstones and The Abbey Meadow Callan as part of The Earth Project, a two-year project exploring Soil. Supported by The Arts Council.

The Vagabond


The Vagabond is our little canvas venue, a place to have your feet on the earth and your imagination open to the stars. Over the years, it has held space for small theatre shows, storytellers, puppet shows, performances, music, comedy, yoga sessions, gatherings, and more. It has visited fields, forests, gardens and city parks. We love it dearly, and now and again, we get to put it up and experience the magic once more.

Set Sail


Set Sail allowed us to create two more chapters in our series of untold stories from Gullivers Travels. We were taking on the challenge of creating two simultaneous performances. We made a Lilliputian bakery needing the audiences' help to bake piles of tiny bread delivered by boat, to a hungry giant. On the other side of town, participants were helping to load mysterious cases into the hold of a ship ready to go on a fantastic voyage to a far-off land. Commissioned by The Model Arts Centre and The Hawkswell Theatre for Culture Night.

Two Worlds


Inspired by Gullivers Travels, we created two interactive installations in two different locations. At The Harkswell Theatre, participants were invited to help Gulliver choose the Lilliputian artifacts, that he would present to the Royal Academy. In The Model Arts Centre, we built the shanty shack for the tailor of Lilliput. Participants could join him inside as he explained his measuring techniques and tried to unravel the mystery of the giant footprints that had destroyed his house. Commissioned by The Model Arts Centre and The Hawkswell Theatre for Culture Night.

The Selfish Giant


As part of the Tallaght Unwrapped Festival, we brought the story of The Selfish Giant to life in the Library. We were offering the people of Tallaght an opportunity to gather together to hear this classic tale performed with simple props and engaging storytelling. Before they stepped out into the cold winters night to experience an outdoor extravaganza inspired by the story and created by the community. Commissioned by Tallaght Community Arts.

Big Mama's Garden


At the Temple House Music Festival, we invited a team of 25 national and international artists to come together, to meet each other, to play, collaborate and create an evolving festival field full of fun and creativity for children and adults. The result was an enriching weekend of unexpected happenings and playful exchanges in a beautiful setting.

The Connections Project


The Connections Project brought together young people and professional artists to devise and create as equals. Setting out with nothing more than the title of 'Inside Out' as a prompt. We produced a piece of multi-media theatre in one week, which explored the relationship between gaming and reality.  The artists and young people worked as a collaborative team. They wrote, designed, made projections, and created music. Their work was woven together to create a show which featured the teenagers as projected characters. Allowing the young people to be both audience and performer, both inside and out. Social Entrepreneurs Ireland supported the Connections project.



This was an ingenious adaptation of Alice's adventures in Wonderland, set in the gardens of Kilruddery House, Bray. The audience was invited to follow four Alices and one White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and join them on an adventure through a real-life wonderland. Participants took part in a giant Caucas Race, took advice from The Cheshire Cat, and tucked into an enormous mad hatters tea party. With live music by Kila's Dee Armstrong and Eoin O'Brien. Commissioned by Killruddery Arts.