The Hive

The Hive is a collaborative creative think tank bringing together people from diverse backgrounds, age groups, disciplines and professions. To play, imagine, create and explore.

We value collaboration and know that our future depends on cooperation.  We work with a wide range of collaborators: including internationally renowned artists, scientist, researchers, thinkers and educators as well as communities, families, children and the more than human world.

The questions we ask are big ones and there is no single straightforward answer. It is in the act of asking, dreaming, and playing that opens up new ways of seeing and doing.  It is, as the author and change-maker Rob Hopkins says, the act of imagining ‘what if?’ that allows us to create new possibilities.  

We gather in person, through residencies, creative happenings, and online events.  

Our Current Question is: "What story is the Earth telling you?"