We have been kindling a little idea in our pockets: Could story be the key to humanity rebuilding a healthy relationship with the earth? Not just the narrative stories that we tell and are told but the spiralling, circling stories that we live within and live within us.

As we move into 2021, we are turning our energies outward, to connect with others. We want to collaborate with our fellow human beings as we continue our journey into story and the impact it can have on our relationship with the earth. We will be inviting people to join us in imaginative conversations and playful creative exchanges.

We are passionate about healing the disconnect between humans and the earth. We are aware that as artists we can’t change the world alone, but we believe that art can help release us all from numbness and stagnation. Art can open up opportunities for flow and connection and add energy and hope to the worldwide movement towards positive change.

In the spirit of flow and connection, we are launching the Hive. We have invited a group of fellow artists and nature connection specialists, working in a variety of different art forms, to join us in our active explorations of story. We will all respond to the same provocation:

‘What story is the Earth telling you?’

We invite you to join the Hive too!  Take some time to get outside, to listen and to respond to what you hear. Draw, paint, sing, dance, write or make. Let’s come together to be a creative voice for the Earth.

Share your discoveries and creations with us @monkeyshinetheatre (Instagram), @Monkeyshine_ (Twitter), @monkeyshinetheatre (Facebook) using #creativeinnature.