The summer solstice marks the apex of the sun's arc across the summer skies. It is the moment where summer is at its height. All life in the northern hemisphere is frantic with doing and creating. It is a time when we see the hedgerows and the trees at their fullest.

The longer and warmer days have allowed us to spend more time outside, enjoy long evening walks, and eating outside with family and friends.

The summer solstice is one of the Celtic fire festivals. It is a time filled with light and energy, but it is also a moment of pause, a point in the year to stop and be conscious of the six months we have traveled since the winter solstice and the six months traveling we are about to begin.

Here are a few ways you could celebrate the season:

Wear up in yellow, gold, and orange

Dressing up in something special is a fun thing to do, especially with children. Embody the joyful, light-hearted energy of the day by dressing like the sun. Sing, dance or play some games.

Wear flowers in your hair

There are flowers everywhere at this time of the year, and the bees and insects are buzzing in celebration. Find a few blooms for yourself and make a crown or tuck one behind your ear. It's a lovely practice to ask the plant for permission to take the flower. It's a mark of respect and helps us remember that we are an equal part of this beautiful network of nature.

Light a solstice fire.

The sun is at its zenith, and the days are long and light. Celebrate the power of the sun and the light and power within you by lighting a solstice fire or candle.

Create a solstice ritual

Gathering around your solstice fire, you can take a moment to reflect and write your intentions, or any blocks you want to release,  on a piece of wood or paper and put them in the flames allowing the fire to transform them into something new. If you are using a candle and you are indoors, it might be best to carefully whisper your thoughts to the flame.

Make sun biscuits to share

Food is always a lovely thing to share, and sharing builds connections. Make some biscuits (or buy some) and decorate them with yellow icing or edible flowers and share them with family or friends or drop some into a neighbor as a special gift.

Whatever you do, it's a beautiful thing to recognise this moment in the wheel of the year and to say a little thank you to the sun for all the gifts of energy and life.