Here are three ways to mark the spring Equinox

See Yellow

Night and Day are now of equal length, the sun is growing in strength and the Earth is responding, bursting into life. Find time to go outside and feel the sun on your face and soak up some of that energy too. There are little reflections of the sun all over the place, daffodils, primroses, celandines all beautiful shades of golden yellow. Take a moment to notice, to breathe and just to be a part of it all.

Make an Offering

The Equinox lands on Saturday the 20th of March. It’s an opportunity to recognise and hold close all the magic of the winter: quiet, rest, restoration, contemplation and all the lessons and gifts this past season has given you. It’s also a time to prepare for the brighter side of the year.

There are lots of ways to mark this moment.  You can create a small ritual for yourself or your family. Bring in flowers and take time to bid farewell to winter and welcome spring as it blooms all around us. You might light a candle, share some food, sing a song. You might get out your summer clothes or spring clean your home or stretch your body.

It’s not what you do that’s important it’s that you do it with thought and intention.

Start a Herb Garden

It’s time to start planting seeds. Herbs are a lovely thing to grow even if you don’t have much space. Plant seeds you are drawn to (or alternatively you can buy small ready- grown plants), explore their uses and meanings, begin to build up a relationship with them.  

When the seedlings are big enough they can easily be grown on in window boxes or you could create a herb area or herb spiral in your garden. They will smell wonderful, attract pollinators and they have lots of culinary and healing properties to offer you. Don’t forget to thank them when you pick them and celebrate the reciprocity of the earth.