In these confusing and difficult times, with lockdown and travel restrictions in place, I have had this growing feeling of limbo surrounding me. I feel like I cannot step forth and yet the natural world is moving forward and reawakening all around me.

Imbolg celebrates the reawakening Earth and the potential of growth that is held within all living things. Since the Winter Solstice the days are beginning to lengthen little by little, the Sun has been travelling back up into the East lighting the mornings earlier. A small steady change that causes us and the natural world around us to respond, to awaken from the dark winter days, from the dreaming space of our minds and the hibernation of our bodies.

Now is the time when we should plant the seeds of those ideas, visions, plans and changes that we want to bring about in our lives. It is a time to be inspired by the powerful unconscious links that were present with us throughout the long Winter.

I have been going for walks early in the mornings, it is a quiet time, a time of transition. I like a to see the soil breathing out its ghostly veils of morning mists. Pausing for a moment, in awe, as the pale pink morning sunlight spills across the land with its soft rosy hue enveloping everything in a soft warm embrace.

I have noticed the birds tentatively singing on these frosty mornings, Song Thrush, Blackbird leading the way in calling forth the spring and the ‘Chic Chac’of the Wren busy in its fortress of Bramble and Blackthorn. I am encouraged and strengthened by their determination of being and the spirit of their songs. It’s good to hear other voices in these times.

I let my eyes follow the branches of the trees and shrubs stretching out into the light, gently I touch their beautiful buds, such promise held within.

Our fellow beings know that the sunlight and heat will only increase now, now is the time for me to be brave like them, to get set for the year ahead.

More than ever I am taking time to observe how I can draw strength and inspiration from the natural world. It helps me to be hopeful. Walking in nature allows me to observe closer, to see the potential of what is around me.

Nature is helping me to unpick this knotted feeling of limbo, this feeling of stuckness. To stand firmly on the earth, tune into my instinctive self, listen to my intuition. To act on creative impulses and and spring forth.