Here are some ideas to help you mark Imbolg or St Bridgets day.

On the first day of February wrap up warm and go for a walk. Notice the little changes that are happening all around. The bulbs beginning to spike up though the soil, the buds fattening on branches and the birds becoming busier and noisier. Pick up a few treasures on your way. Maybe a pretty stone or an early flower or a little branch of hazel lambs tails.

If you have a well or spring near you why not take time to tend and care for it. Gently clean around it and plants some native bulbs near the edges of the well. If you feel the impulse give thanks to the life-giving waters of the earth, that are so important to the health of all beings.

Make a Brigid’s cross. Here’s a handy link:

Make a space in your home for a little shrine to spring. Fill a bowl with water to represent a well. Maybe place a bunch of flowers or a pot of bulbs by it. Add the treasures you found on your walk and your Brigid’s cross. You might even add a figure or a picture to represent Brigid and the greening of the land.

Help Brigid with her work of greening the land. If you have a garden there is still time to plant trees and shrubs or you can plant bulbs in a pot or a window box.